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Exercise Training Network

A comprehensive emergency management training tool for local, state, and federal government, law enforcement, fire service, emergency medical services, emergency management, public health, healthcare (hospital) systems, and the commercial nuclear industry.

Realistic exercises and drills are the best way to test preparedness and response capabilities. Our team is highly experienced with a wide range of hazards and deeply familiar with advanced exercise strategies. By providing virtual, tabletop, function, or full-scale exercise platforms, we support scenario development, news media and social media simulation, planning, evaluation, and follow-up to ensure maximum value for participants.

Training is a crucial element of emergency preparedness, and scenario-based exercises provide a realistic environment for emergency responders to practice decisionmaking. ETN provides a multi-faceted platform that addresses several exercise and training needs:

  • Multi-media driven tabletop exercises in a secure environment
  • Virtual SimCell
  • Real-time social media play on our ChirpEX platform
  • Exercise News - real-time and interactive news media play
  • Expert evaluation and consultation

Media Simulation

Screen shot of two people in a mock news interview

Full Spectrum Media Simulation

ETN integrates advanced approaches within exercises to support a comprehensive emergency management program. News media simulation is a crucial element of training and emergency preparedness exercies. Testing public information capabilities by simulating interactions with the news media provides a means to evaluate responses in a controlled environment. Scenario-based news stories create a realistic environment in which to practice decision-making and improve implementation of response plans.

Man broadcasting in a simulated live field report during an exercise

Real-time News Media Play

ETN simulates radio, print, and broadcast news stories. An experienced team of news reporters and multimedia professionals with expertise in emergency communication provide realistic, simulated news media productions. The secure exercise platform can be customized for agency needs. Exercise participants (players) are presented with real-time news media stories including live field reports, on-camera interviews, briefings, and news conferences.

Man sitting at a computer preparing video for a training exercise

Scenario-Based Multimedia

Scenario-based media simulations add realism to training activities. ETN develops mock newscasts and narrative videos that establish a scenario and help drive the action, allowing participants to work in a realistic, multimedia-driven exercise videos for a broad range of local, state, and federal sponsors, covering all kinds of hazards and emergency events.

Social Media Simulation

Woman using social media on her phone with a laptop in the background

Social Media in Exercises

The effective use of social media is an essential element of a comprehensive emergency public information program. It is critical that social media plans and procedures be regularly tested in a robust and realistic exercise environment, with the goal of identifying what works well and what improvements may be necessary. As with all elements of an exercise, social media play must occur in a safe, controlled manner, to ensure that exercise communications are not mistaken for a real-world situation.

ChirpEx social media platform shown on a laptop screen

Real-Time Social Media Play

A fully-functional exercise site is available to test all aspects of your social media play. Social media activity is generated by our highly-experienced team to simulate what the public and media would say during an actual incident. These pre-scripted and ad hoc messages are disseminated in real time throughout the exercise on ChirpEX, our brand new, exercise-only social media platform. And every participating agency has access to its own simulated account to post, monitor and respond - just like in a real event.

Virtual SimCell

The Virtual SimCell is a proprietary application that enables exercise controllers to run emergency preparedness exercises more efficiently by establishing simulation cells of "SimCells" through a computer newtork. The Virtual SimCell provides a cost-effective and efficient approach for participants to interact globally. By allowing controllers to operate through a single, networked software application, the Virtual SimCell emulates a physical working location, allowing the same or similar functions to be performed as though all controllers were gathered in one place.

How it Works

The Virtual SimCell allows exercise planners to cost-effectively prepare and conduct exercises. SimCell Controllers can:

  • Drive exercise play as required by planned injects, and keep records of player responses;
  • Develop and input ad hoc injects as permitted by exercise extent-of-play agreements;
  • Document their interactions with players within the application;
  • Remain in constant communication with lead controllers and each other.
Illustrated graphic showing many types of people working on computers in separate locations with connecting lines

Virtual SimCell Benefits

There are several benefits to using real social media platforms in exercises rather than proprietary software tools that mimic existing sites. These benefits include: These benefits include: unparalleled realism, universal accessibility, not cost, valuable, hands-on experience with real-world tools, and the ability to easily introduce new platforms as they gain currency within the emergency management community. Once established, these accounts can continue to be used on their own by agencies for future drills, exercises, and training events.